Sunday, March 13, 2011


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I like socks. A lot. I mean I REALLY, REALLLYYY like socks. A little too much. Since i like platypi(obviously!) and socks. Lots of socks. So many socks. Oh yeah were was i? Yes. The socks... And the platypi... Right. Well, the point is, i like socks and platypi, so i made a post combining, socks and platypi!

How to make a Sock-ypus!
(I did NOT make this how-to, i found it at THIS WEBSITE.)

Puggles the Sock Platypus Craft for Kids

Sock Platypus Craft for KidsWhat you will need:

A very stretchy baby sock. The one I used was 100% polyester.Sock Crafts for Kids

Tiny rubber bands (You can find these in the hair accessories section of a department store.)

Poly-fil for stuffing the socks

Small black eyes, one finger cut from a glove, and brown felt or fun foam for the feet.

Scissors, and a hot melt glue gun (one that uses low temp. glue sticks).

How to make:

1. If your sock has a cuff that is folded down and sewed to the inside of the sock, turn the sock inside out and carefully cut the stitching and unfold the cuff. This will make the sock longer.

2. Use a small amount of poly-fil to stuff the toe of the sock to about half way to the heal of the sock to make the head of the platypus. Use a small rubber band to tie off the head. (See the general directions above on how to make no-sew sock dolls.)

3. Cut a finger off a glove and curl up the cut end a little. Stuff the finger just a little and then glue the cut end of the finger onto the head of the platypus to make the beak.

4. Fill the heal of the sock with poly-fil so that it is stiff. This is the body of the platypus. Secure the body with a rubber band.

5. To make the tail cut the cuff of the sock into a tail shape. Glue it closed on the sides and stuff it with poly-fil. Then glue the end closed.

6. Glue on eyes.





I'm gonna try this soon! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yeah, so what Joanns ran out of the main thing i needed for that project, so what?!!?!?!? Joanns can't stop me! I'm invinsable! Well, maybe not invinsable, but im decently indestructable... So thats why i finished my project, ya now how?!? Fabric dye. Oh yeah. I just pwned Joanns. IN YO FACE JOANNS! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!! >:D Yeah, so here's what I made,
Myself into a platypus! Isn't it awesome?