Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to look like a platypus!

Have you ever wanted to look like a platypus? I know i have! So here is a picture sort of describing how to look like a platypus!

You will need:

A Teal Hoodie

Teal Pants (Or Jeans)

Orange fabric



White Fabric paint

Orange fabric paint

Orange Finger less gloves

Black Fabric paint

Sew a beak out of orange fabric, insert wire to hold its shape, put a tiny bit of stuffing in, and Sew to the top edge of hoodie as shown in picture. Paint on eyes. Paint a tail on the back with orange, and paint the tails pattern with black. Wait for it to dry, now apply all clothing listed above... Tadah!
Well.. Umm... Sort of.. This is only a poorly made representation of what it will look like, and your face will probably not be green, and you will have a nose. but tha
t orange thing on top is th beak and it is meant to stick out like the flat part of a baseball cap... Errr... Well... Have fun?

(Photo Credit: Hoodie from, Pants from Google Images)

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KP backgrounds!!

Heyy Platy-peeps! Here are all the links to the backgrounds and their titles! The poll will be on the side of the blog at the very top, it's not hard to spot. :) Voting ends Wednesday the 26th, so get voting!

The contest results!

The winner of this week's contest is......


With the Platy Wars Comic (which i will post a picture of later on)

You know who you are. I didn't put your actual name 'cause i didn't remember if you said you wanted me too or not. :) Do you want me to put your platypuses' names in stickers or pictures of them? If you do, email some pictures of them, and tell me which one(s) you want to have name stickers! :)))) Congratz! :D

Monday, January 17, 2011


Heyy Platy-people, As you can see, i've updated the background, i thought i'd try a new drawing style for the platpyus, and personally, i really like it... What do you think? I may be experimenting with the background a little bit, so im gonna call this one, Cube, okay? I'm going to try out different backgrounds, then let YOU vote on which one's the best! I'm going to make test blogs to let you preview the background, then YOUUU can vote on which is best! Here are the previews!

Those are the only new backgrounds i've made so far, so you CAN'T begin voting yet, sorry! I will probably make 2 or 3 more backgrounds!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shop Platypus!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! GUESS WHAT?!?!?!??! I found this online store that sells platypi! Look at these platypi! THIS IS THE LINK TO THE PLATY ONLINE STORE :D SOOOO AWESOMMEEEEEE. NEEEEEEED SOME(LOLZZZ)!!!! These are super awesome! Too bad my birthday ANDDD Christmas JUSTTT past!


ROBO PLATYPUS?!?!??!? WHAAAAA?!?!?!? Okay, i searching the internet for pictures of plaptypuses, and i found this:

Okay, what???????? A robotic platypus?! What does it do?! Is it a submarine?! Im not really sure, but i know it looks cool! So right now i realllllyyyy wanna go to this one awesome store(that sells small motors and stuff that i like to build robots with, YOUUU know what im talking about, Reese!!)and buy some mini robot parts and make a tiny robot platypus!! ERRRRRK. I WANNA MAKE A ROBO-PUS SOOOOO BAD :( Maybe i can convince my dad to take me there sometime?

Yes, Tin Foil.

Tin Foil Platypus? Is it possible? Can it be done? Would it even work? Yes, Yes, and YES. I made one, and it hasnt fallen apart (yet...)!! It can be done! I can't really explain how, you just kinda get some tin foil and figure it out as you go along! :D What? You want to see a picture of it? Sure! Here ya go!

Sorry the the lighting is kinda weird and reflect-y on the platpyus, i guess thats what happens when you take a picture of tin foil!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tin Foil?

Thinking about making a tin foil platypus... What are your thoughts on this idea? ( comment and tell me! ;) )

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's the first post of 2011! And guess what?! I got a Mini Fridge(12 inches tall) for my birthday! Now Pickles can visit the arctic! Yeah, yeah, i know, i haven't been on in FOREVERRRRRR!!! But i have good reasons. I'm planning things. Verrrryyy important things. Verrryyyy platypus things. And plus, it was JUST my birthday. Yeah. I'm busy, too, ya know.Oh well. I'm here now. Thats what matters. Okay, i know i haven't said ANYTHING that you find interesting yet. And i'm probably boring you to DEATH. But i just HAD to show you these shoes.

Yeah. They're pretty awesome sauce, right? So seeing these, I've decided to get white converse(or sneakers) and draw platypi on them as my next shoe. But it may be awhile until i grow out of my current shoes, sadly. Oh well. At least i can imagine what they'll look like until then.