Saturday, April 16, 2011


WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!! YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reese Won!!
Isn't that awesome?!? Yay for Reese!!!!!!!
Reese's gonna get her prize soon.... Sneakyyyyyy Ninjaaaa. >:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Platy-points, the newest platypus money. Platy-points will be paper coins that i will give out at every KP meeting, and can be used to buy prizes. They can also be a part of a prize from a contest.... I won't post a picture of what platy-points will look like because i don't want anybody making a bunch of fake platy-points (not that i don't trust youuuu).... $$$$!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Part platypus, part ninja, allllll sneeeakkyy.

Here's a How-to i made on how to make a ninja-pus costume for your mini platy :)

Turn your mini platypus into a Ninja-pus! 'Cuz ninjas and platypi make the perfect combination. ;)

*You Will Need

-Mini Platypus

-A finger from a glove


Photo 259.jpg

1. Cut a tiny slit at the top of the glove finger, (the part your fingertip would be touching) Just big enough for the tip of your pinky finger to fit through.Photo 260.jpgPhoto 261.jpg

2. Put your platypus in, beak sticking out the hole to test if it fits.

Photo 262.jpg

3. Remove platypus from glove finger, and cut 2 eye holes, then, put the finger back on....

Photo 263.jpg

4.Admire your new Ninja-pus! (Before he sneaks away!)