Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sorry. Excuses. Plans. Hats?

Sorry I haven't been on here in forever. Months actually. I've just been busy. With schoool, and summmmerrr, and stufffffs. (I know, those are like the worst excuses in the history of the world) So i'm going to try to go on here more. AND POST STUFF. To entertain YOU. Yup. YOU. (Everyone else thinks i'm talking to them but i'm really only talking to you!) So I have plans... First thing i'm gonna do is change the iPlatypus background, I love it, but it's starting to blind me with all the colors, and I like changing things up. Next thing i'm gonna do is.... STUFF WITH HATS. Because hats are amazingtastic. So... BE READY FOR HATS.

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